Turn customer insight into action.


OverBright will help you get to know your customers – while providing a service that they sincerely appreciate.


Understand what they like then send them information and offers to enhance your relationship.

Sell more.

This process will increase customer service and your revenue. At a cost that generates profit.

How does all this work?

(it’s simpler than it sounds)

We provide an Access Point

OverBright supplies you with an Access Point that simply plugs into your existing wifi connection. This AP connects to the OverBright Cloud Portal which contains software that allows you to create a simple log-in process for your customers, understand their interaction with your business and then market to them.

You offer free, secure WiFi

OverBright allows you to offer your visitors free WiFi with a difference. They’re asked to fill out a simple, short form or log on through social media on a page designed by you, with your branding & special offers. You can even direct them to your Facebook page and ask for a Like or to certain pages of your website.

You access your OverBright Portal

You can then login to your cloud based OverBright Portal to see and analyse your customer’s details. Within the system, you can send email, social media messages and SMS using our built-in marketing tools.  Additionally, you can export all of your visitor data to your current CRM system if preferred.

You target your visitors

The marketing tools available in the OverBright Portal provide a comprehensive method to monitor and promote your business. You can tailor your login pages with branding and advertising for your visitors and send targeted emails and SMS. All content and offers are completely within your control.

If you prefer we can handle the entire process and subsequent marketing activities for your business. Contact us to learn how.

How do you reach us?

You can call us on +33 (0) 6 29 21 78 46

You can send email to hello@overbright.com

Or use this form and we will get back to you asap.